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Fantastic Driving School

Just passed the first test i did with rookie, thanks to the brilliant dee who helped me so much. Would definately recommend anyone to take lessons with dee or her colleagues. Thankyou so much dee.

By liam carolan – 20/04/2012


The Wonderful Dee

I can not thank the wonderful Dee enough, passing my test will change my life in so many ways! and its all down to the the fact that Dee and her fellow instructors Mike and Kelly are so knowlegable, patient, kind, and always put there pupils first. Where other instructors and driving schools fail is due to how much money they can make, DEE and Rookie Red Driving School are not like that, Dee cares about you, and your future driving experience, nothing is too much trouble and Dee has gone out of her way for me on so many occasions. Dee I will never forget you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you when i am driving around Prestwich xxx

By Sharon McEntee – 30/03/2012


Theory Test

I recently passed my theory test and all thanks to Dee she has helped me understand the rules of the road and any questions i had she was there to answer them. I have so much confidence behind the whel and feel relaxed. Dee leant me a disk which helped me a lot with my theory as it covered everything even had sections like road signs, motorway rules things like that. I look forward to my lessons as i feel at ease and do not feel that if i slip up ill get shouted at like previous instructors. Some people think instructors are just there to teach you to drive this is not true Dee has helped my with every aspect of driving inc theory. THANKS DEE FOR EVERYTHING.

By Nichole Wynn – 24/03/2012


Fantastic Dee

I can not describe in words how great Dee is as a Driving Instructor and person. I came from a bad instructor with no confidence and within 2 months Dee taught me things the other didnt even touch base on. I looked forward to my lessons not dread them as I did before. If you are looking for a honest, genuine,commited and damm good instructor look no futher ! Oh and I passed 1st time all down to Dee. Thanks you and you will be missed xxxx

By chantelle sowter – 19/03/2012


The best day of my life

when i first started driving i was the most nervous driver ever!! i couldnt of wished for a better instructor than dee she is so encouraging and patient and really helped my confidence no end and ive finally done it achieving something i never thought i could due to nerves and its all thanks to dee and her help,thank u so much dee i couldnt of done it without u :) Rookie Rocks !!!

By abbie harrington – 15/03/2012


Credit to Kelly

A big thanks to Kelly. Started driving with Kelly to help with bad habits.. and with her excellent instructor skills i passed my test first time.. and i feel i’m a confident and safe driver from having been under her supervision. Mahooosive thanks Kelly, Can’t thank you enough. ;o)

By David Brown – 15/03/2012


Dee is the Best. Highly recommended!

Dee suggested I buy the theory pack made up by the driving school, it breaks down the different sections of the theory. It definitely works and it shows you which areas you need to improve on. I passed and got 47 out of 50 which I’m delighted with. I owe it all to dee as she has helped me along the way and encouraged me to get on and do it, thank you so much dee your a star!!

By briony ready – 02/03/2012


Dee – First class – highly recommended

I am one of the many people to pass first time with rookie :) ! Dee was an excellent instrucor and went out of her way many times to help me. She revised my theory with me and helped prepare me thoroughly for my pratical test. When I passed I felt I had being taught how to drive to a very high and safe standard. Thankyou so much Dee !

By kris waring – 23/02/2012


Driving Miss Kelly

A big up to Kelly, started my lessons with a lessser instructer who got me know where. Started driving with Kelly and test passed, and i feel a confident and safe driver from having been under her supervision. Well done Kelly Can’t thank you enough.

By OWEN E – 23/02/2012


Thank you so much Dee

Like many others who learn to drive with Rookie SOM I passed my driving test first time!! I was an extremely nervous learner who had never even sat in a driving seat before but Dee went out of her way to help build my confidence and learn how to believe in myself. You are a fantastic instructor who is so dedicated to every single one of your pupils. The theory packs & mock driving tests are a fantastic idea. I will be recommending you to absolutely everyone!!! Thanks again Dee xxx

By Louise Docherty – 18/02/2012


Dee – The best ever!

I passed my test today first time! I still can’t believe it! But I can’t put it in words how grateful I am to Dee for the amazing lessons, support, assurance and knowledge she has given me. Dee is very patient and has this amazing way of explaining everything that it just clicks and off you are on your way to be a very safe, competent and a confident driver. I enjoyed our lessons thoroughly. Dee is very friendly, patient and fun. On the day of the test when we got to the test centre I was so proud to have Dee next to me because with all the time she had spent training me I knew I had nothing to worry about as Dee had trained me for everything and anything that would be thrown at you when it came to driving. That boosted my confidence to no end! The time with her been invaluable really. I would highly recommend her. I am a girl who was scared of driving! Don’t even think twice! Take my word! You won’t regret it! Good luck and see you on the road soon :) xxx

By Pallav Watson – 15/02/2012


Thanks to Kelly

Passed my test first time yesterday with Kelly as my instructor since november. the guidence and instruction given to me definitely paid off! it was good for money and great for availiblity. passing my driving test was one of the best feelings in my life so far, now i have my freedom i can do what i please :-) thanks again

By Dave Crowder – 15/02/2012


My cousin, My driving instructor

”Oh my god! i’m going 10MPH” I said to Dee, And now I’m a fully capable driver! I loved all my lessons with Dee and Rookie Red, and cannot thank my wonderful amazing cousin enough, for giving me the help, strength , will and determination to get me through my test! Even when I had little confidence in myself, Dee, was there for me! I wouldn’t change my time with Rookie Red and Dee for the world. xxx

By Hollie Barry – 15/02/2012


Dee and Me

Passed my test first time today, and as Dee herself said, it was teamwork. If you bring the dedication and effort, the expertise, patience, and calm assurance Dee brings will set you up for a lifetime of safe and happy motoring. I’m starting my Pass Plus with Dee in just over a week – I think I might be addicted! If you’re thinking of learning to drive, look no further, you’ve just discovered the best in the business!

By Steve Owen – 03/02/2012


Rookie Changed my life

When I first started my lessons with dee I had already had 4 instructors and my confidence was so low I nearly gave up on driving for good! Then someone who I new passed and I was told about rookie then came along (dee) and changed my life, she gave me the confidence to believe I could pass my test and that I had just as good a chance as everyone else! Dee was always there whenever I needed my lessons what ever time I was available. She its such a great teacher and person and I am so glad I found her! Without dee I don’t think I would of had the faith in myself to go through with it but luckly I did! And I passed this afternoon first time! I am so happy and I want to say thanks dee your a star, I still can’t believe it xx

By laura berry – 23/01/2012


Thanks to Kelly, Cath and Dee – The best around.

Just passed with Kelly as my instructor, with good prices and availability. She understood my other attachments, and would tutor me early in the mornings, late at night, to even weekends if I needed too! I was extremely nervous before test and she ensured I was calm, and fully prepared! You really do make a friend when youre with Rookie! I have! Teaching was first class and I couldnt have asked for better I am fully confident now that I am as safe and aware on the roads as I could be! Thankyou!

By Charlotte McDonald – 16/01/2012


Fully recommend

I found this driving school brilliant, i was put in for my test as soon i was ready, i passed after just 3 months of lessons, they provide a great price and a massive reduction compared to other schools who may make you take more lessons than needed, i had the instructor kelly who was brilliant, fully enthusiastic and passionate to her job and pupils, i recommend this school to any learner for a quick and fun experience and a pass at the end.

By Conor Wilkinson – 13/01/2012


Highly recommended

I decided to use Rookie Red Driving School after reading several positive reviews on the internet. The positive reviews were well deserved. The instruction by Kelly was second to none. I passed first time after only 3 months of driving lessons with no other tuition/driving. Learning to drive these days is costly, however, Rookie Red Driving School ensure that you are put in for your test as soon as you are ready. Kelly provided a professional and friendly service and I would not hesitate recommending the school to my friends and family.

By Tom Cregeen – 13/01/2012


First Class

I passed first time. My girlfriend also. Quality speaks for itself. Friendly, relaxed instructors. Can’t speak highly enough of these guys – a proper professional outfit.

By Nick Greenwood – 10/01/2012


5* – Passed with a perfect score

Absolutley fantastic driving school. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Dee. She is a wonderful teacher and a good laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the lessons i had and managed to pass my test with 0 minors. I feel more than confident that i can now take to the roads on my own. Thanks Dee :)

By James Froggatt – 08/01/2012

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