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manchester driving school reviews

Manchester Driving School reviews

A++ Passed forst Time with Dee at Rookie

I cannot praise Dee enough. I came to her after failing a test and getting nowhere with a previous instructor. I passed 1st time with Dee. She has the patience of a saint and great teaching ethics. I can’t wait to start driving safely. Passing is the best xmas pressie ever, thanks Dee x

By Gem Arnold – 18/12/2011


Dee, youre a star

Just passed my test first time!! I can’t quite believe it yet but I would like to say a huge thanks to Denise for the first class tuition she gave. She creates a calm atmosphere for your lessons and gives you the best possible help to not only get you through your test but also drive in the real world. Kelly also took me for a couple of lessons and I would like that say thanks as the tuition she gave was also first class. I would recommend this driving school to anyone!! Cheers Dee! :)

By Martin Langran – 21/11/2011


Cheers Cath

I just passed my test thanks to amazing Cath! I’ve had 3 instructors before her and all of them either ran away from me or didnt really bother teaching me to drive properly. Cath is a perfect teacher as well as a lovely person. She was very flexible with timing and location. I enjoyed all my lessons with her and will actually miss her loads :( definitely will recommend RSOM to everyone! xx

By Anna Dateshidze – 09/11/2011


Thank you Dee

I would like to thank Dee for getting me through my driving test first time Dee is lovely and always made me laugh. she boosted my confidence a lot and made me believe in myself i recommend Rookie SOM as it is a fantastic driving school with great instructors xx :)

By Amber Walters – 19/10/2011

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many thanks to dee passed my test first time and im soooooo happy. shes so friendly and helps with anything, so bloody happy i would actually reccomend rookie driving school to anyone!! thanks DEE!! (giggle)

By chantelle kenworthy – 06/10/2011


Highly recommeded

Kelly was my 4th driving instructor but by far the best. I used to get extremely nervous, especially during tests and used to make stupid mistakes because of it. Kelly helped me to overcome my nerves and build my confidence – doing two mock tests with another Rookie instructor (Cath) also helped me practice controlling my nerves in a test situation. I only had a few weeks of lessons before I took my first test with Kelly and passed with only 2 minors!

By Martin Korner – 28/09/2011


A big thankyou to Cath

i passed my test yesterday with Cath from Rookie she is a very patient and kind instructor. i would recommend her to everyone.I have a hearing impairment and was very nervous at first ,but Cath put my mind at rest and built up my confidence!!! THANK YOU CATH YOU A STAR :-)

By Danielle F – 21/09/2011

i passed my test first time and i would highly reccomend the driving school to anyone. i was extremely nervous but thatnks to dee got through my test with only 4 faults. THANKYOUUUUUU

By kirstie ward – 05/10/2011

Big thanks to Dee, was very, very nervous when I first started out, but she made me feel really at easy, courtesy of being really friendly and chatty in the car. She’s also very flexible and understanding, which is always a bonus, and all of these things contributed to be passing 1st time. Can’t reccomend highly enough, thanks again!

By james kidd – 04/10/2011


Dee you are amazing

Passed my driving test 1st time thanks to the amazing DEE!! She gives you all the confidence in the world and works her schedule around yours! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Provides a WORLD CLASS service, learning to drive with Rookie is the best thing you could do.Love you Dee! :)

By Josh Taylor – 09/09/2011


Cath you are a fantastic driving instructor

I passed my driving test after a beautiful journey. I am very pleased with all my driving lesson as Cath is fantastic teacher. I think “Rookie” is one of the very few driving schools in UK that organized a mock test after 10-15 lessons which is very helpful to work on mistake as well as build confidence. Cath you are very friendly and honest with all the advice. She is very flexible with timing. She fit all lessons around work.I really respect her for that. She always strengthened my confidence and was always more confident in me then myself.I would recommend Rookie driving school “Cath” to everyone, THANKYOU VERY MUCH CATH LOVE U !!!!

By SARA RAZA – 27/08/2011


A big thankyou to cath

Passed my test yesterday. Cath made me feel confident and relaxed. At 50+ I never expected that I would enjoy learning to drive so much. Cath you are a star.

By Mary Finch – 20/08/2011


Definitely recommend

Have just this minute passed and want to say a HUGE thank you to Catherine. She’s a fantastic teacher, very patient and lovely company, but very observant and doesn’t miss a trick! She’ll train you up brilliantly! Would definately recommend Rookie School of driving to anybody!! Thanks again Cath!

By Emily Walsh – 02/08/2011



Thanks to catherine i passed my theory and practical with high marks in both. Shes amazing and id recommend her to anyone. She helped me so much. thank you again and for fitting round my crazy schedule. Love amy xxx

By Amy Hoyle – 26/07/2011


Thank you Cath

I passed first time thanks to Cath, a brilliant and fab teacher!!!! Absolutely recommend her for anyone looking for a driving instructor

By Mei Lee – 14/07/2011



cath is a brilliant teacher!!! if you have any bad habits she’ll iron them right out!! very thorough teaching would highly recommend

By mitch w – 30/06/2011


0 minors

Thanks so much to cath .. she did a great job teaching me how too drive .. haha .. she made me feel really confident on the road .. i would recommend cath to anyone .. :) xx

By Jo Cullen – 26/06/2011


Cheeky Dee

It was hard at first when I started but I was tought well and when I came to my test I knew everything I needed to know and the test was quite easy but nerve racking. Thanks D :)

By Dane Cunningham – 21/06/2011



Hard to put into words how amazing Dee and Rookie were, I never thought in a thousand years I would pass at my age (40 something) Lessons early morning ,Lessons to work (15miles away), and when I did not feel great Dee was there to get me back on track and put in extra time and get me back on track and yes no surprise I passed first time also like everybody else. She make you feel like you are the only one she is teaching and giving 100% to but she is doing this to all her students

By Kieron Hume – 18/06/2011



Thank u so much to cath , she made me feel confident and relaxed and i passed first time …. compared to any of the prevous instructors I’ve had she was amazing highly reccomend her to anybody :-) thanks again :-) xx

By Ashleigh cameron – 06/06/2011


Cath was amazing

Cath thanks for your help so much in everything you did for me, through out my driving. you made me get confident on the road and always made me feel relaxed. Through out my driving you become more like my friend and gave me full support. Thank you so much! soo glad i passed x

By Charlie Beamer – 23/05/2011


Passed first time – thanks Cath

Cath was great from the first lesson she really made me feel confident and relaxed .Cath was very accomadating when i double booked myself and had to change lessons …..thanks cath for ur patience !!! :) she made me laugh a lot and i passed my test first time in a very short time …what more cld u want !!!!! Highly recommend cath to all my friends !!!

By Sheina W – 08/05/2011


1 Minor

Cath was a brilliant tutor to drive with fun and chatty makes you feel at ease! constantly telling you things to do and not to so brilliant! passed my first time with her, by far the best driving instructor i’ve had and plus passed with only 1 minor!!! cant really complain! id would definitely recommend you will in no doubt e disappointed. Thanks again! 😀 ill never forget to 1,2,3, check….if you get her you’ll know what i mean! :-) x hehehe 😀

By s. francis – 07/05/2011


2 minors

cath was ace. taught me more than any other instructors had in the past! would recommend to anyone. passed my first test with her with only 2 minors. thanks again 😀

By craig whittington – 25/03/2011


Will P.

driving school was totally rad, passed first time. Only had 5 lessons then went for a two day corse with Rookies passed straight up 4 minors, cheers cath. x

By william parkinson – 24/03/2011


Yeah baby I passed first time

Cath was top! did a fantastic job teaching me to drive, i passed first time! :) would defiantly recommend her to anyone 😀 thanks alot Cath x

By Alistair Stanley – 16/03/2011

Yeeaaah I Passed

BIG BIG THANKYOU TO CATH… For all your advice an support on helping me to pass!!! You are a fantastic driving instructor i would recommend you to any one learning to drive…. Thanx again :-)

By emma wilkinson – 02/03/2011


Matt O’Rourke

Cath is the best insructor anyone could have. Passed first time. She makes everything simple and easy to do. Thank you so much. 😀

By Matthew O’Rourke – 25/02/2011



Fantastic driving instructor, fully recommended just passed my test with cath today after previous failed attempt with other instructor cath made me feel confident and very happy about driving, thankyou very much!

By Sean Hanrahan – 13/01/2011


Passed first time with my driving angel Dee

OMG OMG OMG OMG WOW I cannot express enough thanks to Dee A SUPER DUPER STAR !!!!!! Passed first time just like she said i would ! I had loads of confidence and that reflects in you Dee and all your support and advice and fantastic instructing skills what a doll of a woman !!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank You !!!!!! A STAR INSTRUCTOR RECOMMEND TO ANY 1 !!!!!!!


Mark P

Just wanted to say thank you so much Cath for all your help. I would recommend anyone learning to drive,to give you a ring and she how great you are.Big thankyou.

By Mark Pearson – 27/12/2010


Passed first time

I had my driving lessons with Cath, enjoyed all of my lessons. She is an amazing instructor. she made me feel confident. was a great experience i’d recommend her to anyone. Many thanks to Cath. Thank you soo much for all your help.

By Bilal Ali – 25/11/2010



after 2 attempts at my theory test and being unsuccessful i started some extra theory training with dee. i found these sessions very useful and interesting, which gave me more confidence transferring this into my driving lessons. i would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to dee and would advise anyone who is struggling to give rookiea call.

By jacob marshall – 23/11/2010


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By Carley Magee – 11/01/2011

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