Rewards Scheme

rookie rewards scheme

Rookie Rewards Scheme

Rookie beleives that motivtion is one of the corner stones of success, and whilst we are certain that independantly driving by your self (owning all the freedom in the world) is motivation enough, we also offer a rewards scheme to each of our pupils. When you being your lessons with Rookie School of Motoring you will be offered a rewards card which will earn you points dependant upon your progress, with extra rewards offered for passing your driving theory tests and practical exams first time.

What are these points worth though? Rookie offers a wide range of uses for your collected reward points including money off your ‘Pass Plus’ course, discounted driving lessons, and even entry into a competition to win a Driving experience day which could see you at the helm of a Super Car!

How many driving instructors in Manchester can offer that?

Speak with your Rookie instructor, or contact us here for more info.

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