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Show me, Tell me

The ‘show me, tell me’ section of your driving test of one of the most commonly over looked aspects of passing your practical driving test. The section involves the learner driver answering questions based upon the mechanics of their vehicle, creating a requirement of understanding how your car works. The following videos offer more insight. Rookie School of Motoring identify this essential aspect of passing your driving test and ensure all pupils learn everything they need to know to pass successfully.

Rookie School of Motoring Reviews

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Rookie School of Motoring Reviews

Driving School Reviews

Highly Recommended

I just passed my driving test today, with the help from Dee as my instructor for 10 months. Through difficult days and good days she has kept her good mood, positive attitude and knowledge at 100% each lesson and taught me to drive in an excellent way. She is a very realistic and fair instructor, she looks at her job as a service – a service she performs extremely well. She accommodates the lessons to suit your schedule and no time is a bad time for her it feels. I wouldn’t even dream of going through a crash-course, I now feel competent and secure on the roads much thanks to Dee. There is a reason why she has got sooo many professional qualifications; the lady sure knows how to teach people how to drive in a safe manner, but also with confidence. I am sure I will still hear her voice next to me reminding me to R.E.A.D T.H.E R.O.A.D and take my time whilst I am now moving out ont he roads on my own. Would highly recommend taking lessons with Dee! Thank you for 10 fun months! x

By Inga D – 08/06/2012

Worth Every Penny

Passed my test first time thanks to Kelly! She always managed to fit me in for a lesson, even at short notice. She was always easy to contact if i had any problems or wanted to go over anything. Just wanted to say a massive thank you! will recommend to friends. Thankyou kelly!xx

By Chelsea Edwards – 03/06/2012

I Cant Recommend Dee Highly Enough

I have just passed my test with Dee and I can’t thank her enough. When I started driving with Dee I was very nervous and hated driving.Dee was patient, explained things so clearly and helped me believe in myself. She’s an amazing instructor and thanks to her I now feel confident and enjoy driving. Thank you so much Dee, I would recommend you and rookie to anyone!

By Lucy Bristow – 31/05/2012

Thank you Dee :)

passed my test in just over 4 months with only 2 minors thanks to dee! amazing instructor can’t wait to recommend you to my friends :) thank you so much xx

By Lana Yaffe – 20/05/2012

Amazing Instructor

Thank you Dee so much for getting Lana through her test first time! We will both recommend you to everyone!!

By Sam Yaffe – 14/05/2012

Catherine is Amazing!

I started my driving lessons with Catherine in 2009 and she was absolutely fantastic. Even though I was extremely nervous, she made me feel relaxed and helped me gain confidence to pass my test… The amount of lessons I had with Catherine wasn’t any way near how many some of my friends had had with other driving schools and I just thought that they were just trying to make more money. Whereas Catherine always thought about every lesson making it worth my while!! I passed my test 2nd time not long after and was so happy!! I kept in touch with Catherine and recommended my friends to contact her cause she was so FAB! Unfortunately I lost my license because of insurance reasons (It wasn’t because of my driving!) and I was so gutted. I rang Catherine about 2months ago and asked for her great help once again to get my license back! Without hesitation we booked a lesson in that night and off we went. I had the minimal amount of lessons needed and we booked my test – she was always checking for cancelations for me as she knew I wanted to get it over with!! After 6 weeks of refreshing my memory with it all, she waited patiently at the test centre whilst I did my test. AND I PASSED! We were so happy and wrote my name in her book of ‘passed students’ with the date by it. You’d be mad not to go with Catherine at Rookie Red for whenever you need help with lessons or passing your test, she’s the best. I cannot thank her enough for her support and faith in me that I could do it again!!! Thankyou :)

By Faye McGee – 10/05/2012

I Feel Amazing

One ov the best instructors I av Eva had the pleasure of learning with and iv had a few I felt relaxed comfy which because of I have just passed my test and I’m sure u will if u decide this is the school for u so a big massive thank u to dee xxx

By Sarah Saunders – 08/05/2012

Fantastic Instructors

Just passed my driving test today first time,past my theory first time and my instructor was always available if i needed to know anything! and was always happy to go over anything i wanted to! Thankyou kelly!xx

By Sara Scowcroft – 02/05/2012

Amazing Instructor

Just passed yesterday and first time :) i’m over the moon and honestly couldn’t have done it without kelly. She’s an amazing instructor and makes you feel completely comfortable. I’d recommend her to everyone no matter what age and what type of driver. THANK YOU KELLY!

By Sukainah Aamir – 20/04/2012

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Rookie School of Motoring

Rookie driving lessons in manchester

Rookie School of Motoring

Driving Schools Manchester

Welcome to Rookie School of Motoring. Established in 2006, Rookie has grown be be one of the most innovative and dynamic driving schools in the Manchester area. We believe that each pupil must be considered as an individual; we each have skills which may come naturally and others which we could struggle with. The personalised nature of Rookie’s professional team allows us to identify each pupils strengths, providing an exceptional pass rate and level of customer satisfaction.

Rookie School of Motoring promotes a fun and professional environment to aid your driving tuition

At Rookie we are incredibly proud of our high pass rate, and feel the success of our pupils is benefited by the passion for tuition found in each of our instructors. It is hoped that the confidence we inspire in our pupils translates to their driving ability, making them safer and more assured on the road. We also feel confident that we have the perfect driving instructor for you, whether you prefer a younger, or more mature teacher, or even preferences with regards to male and female tuition. But don’t just take our word for it; read our testimonials here.

The average pass rate for driving schools Manchester is currently 45%. Rookie School of Motoring currently boasts an impressive 95% pass rate.

Rookie also believe that the theory aspect of driving is equally important as the practical side. Our practical driving lessons are accompanied by in-car hazard perception and theory training. If you prefer, there are theory packs for you to practice at home including books and CD ROMs, and even the option of attending our ‘driving theory school’. If you have already passed the theory test, if it is appropriate, we can go straight on to preparing you for your practical test.

Whether you have experience in driving and simply need a refresher course, or are completely new to the experience of Driving, Rookie School of Motoring are THE team to ensure you enjoy passing safely.

Contact us today to speak about our current offers.

Driving Lessons Manchester

driving lessons

Driving Lessons/Courses

Driving Lessons Manchester

Rookie School of Motoring believe that flexibility is the key to making happy customers, and it is because of this that we offer a wide range of options on our driving lessons and courses in Manchester. We understand that people learn at different rates, and even that you may have experience with driving already. Our packages below should help you in selecting the ideal driving package for you.

Single Driving Lessons
Single driving lessons are available from each of our instructors and are ideal if you want to ensure you are compatible with the instructor who you will be learning with. Learning to drive can be an experience filled with both good and hard times, and Rookie finds that pairing you with an instructor with whom you bond will make the experience more fun, fulfilling and satisfying. You may also continue on a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ basis if your pocket prefers, though you may find that our courses offer greater value for money. Our lessons are also flexible in terms of timing, with instructors available in bookings of 60, 90 and 120 minutes, from as early a 7am. Click here to see our prices.

Intensive Driving Courses
Once you are certain that the instructor you are paired with is the one for you, you may wish to consider booking a block course with Rookie School of Motoring. Our driving courses offer significant value in learning to drive and often prove to be a great motivator. You my also use your block booking in any way you wish; have plenty of time to pass your test? Space your lessons out and let them sink in. Or, book them all close together and pass your driving test even quicker. Flexibility is always key in success and Rookie School of Motoring offers flexibility in spades.

7 Day driving course
Quick pass driving courses are all the rage currently, but Rookie must be brutally honest; it is rare that a new driver will be successful in such a course. That said, if you have previous experience of driving you may find that our intensive 7 day programme could get you out on the road in the quickest possible time. Applicant for our intensive course must have passed their driving theory test and be ready to put forward for the practical part of the test following this course. Sticking to our aim of proving flexibility, Rookie can even provide discounted links for accommodation should you require a bed in Manchester whilst studying. Click here to view our intensive driving lessons rates.

Rewards Scheme

rookie rewards scheme

Rookie Rewards Scheme

Rookie beleives that motivtion is one of the corner stones of success, and whilst we are certain that independantly driving by your self (owning all the freedom in the world) is motivation enough, we also offer a rewards scheme to each of our pupils. When you being your lessons with Rookie School of Motoring you will be offered a rewards card which will earn you points dependant upon your progress, with extra rewards offered for passing your driving theory tests and practical exams first time.

What are these points worth though? Rookie offers a wide range of uses for your collected reward points including money off your ‘Pass Plus’ course, discounted driving lessons, and even entry into a competition to win a Driving experience day which could see you at the helm of a Super Car!

How many driving instructors in Manchester can offer that?

Speak with your Rookie instructor, or contact us here for more info.

Areas Covered

Areas covered by Rookie School of motoring

Areas Covered

Driving Schools Manchester

Rookie currently operate exclusively around the Greater Manchester area, and understands how learning in different areas can be a wildly varying experience. The hustle and bustle of the city centre off set against the outer edges of Bury can lead to different experiences whilst learning to drive in Manchester, hence the reason we attempt to diversify the routes used on each lesson with our pupils.

For your convenience you can find a selection of the areas we currently operate in below:

Greater Manchester, in and around Leigh, Atherton,Prestwich, Salford, Broughton, Cheetham Hill, Blackley, Heywood, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Bury, Swinton, Crumpsall, Farnworth, Salford Quays, Castlefield, Ancoats,  and Manchester City Centre.

Rookie are always expanding the areas in which they can operate also. If you do not see your area on this list please contact us and we will endeavour to find an instructor who can accommodate your requirements.

driving areas covered by rookie school of motoring