Driving Theory

At Rookie, we believe that the key to safety on the road is an ability to read the road signs around you. The skill of driving awareness and planning can be compared to reading a book, with each metaphorical page representing a different driving road, and the road signs acting as the words on the page. Knowing how to read these road signs and markings, and learning to anticipate potential issues these could throw up, is the key to successfully navigating any route. This is understood by the DSA also, who have set the driving theory exam to ensure safety of all road users. you can book you driving theory test for free at the DSA website, here

Before you may apply to complete your driving practical test you must first pass your driving theory test as set by the DSA (Driving Standards Association). The theory test comprises of two distinct parts: multiple choice questionnaire and hazard perception. You must pass both parts to successfully pass the driving theory test. Should you fail one aspect, you fail the test and must take both parts again at a later date. Below is an explanation of what you can expect. 

Multiple Choice

Before the multiple choice exam begins you will be a selection of on screen instructions required by the DSA. You may choose to complete a series of practice questions to prepare your self for what is to come. Alternatively, you may jump straight in to your test exam.

At this stage you will begin to see questions on the screen in front of you with a choice of possible answers underneath. Some questions may require more than one answer so you must ensure you select all relevant, correct answers. You may also flag questions of which you are not sure of the answer, and come back to them later.


Hazard Perception

As with the multiple choice part of the test, you will be offered a similar opportunity to complete a practice section of the hazard perception test. Once you feel ready you may progress onto the test phase of this section.

In this test you will be shown a video of a car driving down a road, with the view showing as yourself in the driving seat. To successfully complete the test you must click the ‘mouse’ every-time you see a potential hazard occurring. You can gain up to 5 points per video. You are also limited to just 20 clicks per video, limiting the option of simply clicking the mouse continuously through the exam.


The Rookie Driving Theory Solution

Due to the complexity and requirements of the driving theory test, many find passing it more challenging than passing the practical aspect of learning to drive. During your lessons with Rookie School of Motoring in Manchester you will find fun and friendly tuition points that relate back to your driving theory test.

Further to this we also run Driving Theory Classes, a series of insightful and educational lessons designed to make learning your driving theory fun. You can read more about our driving theory lessons here: Driving lessons Manchester.